Testimonials From Deal

Here are a selection of testimonials from 24Fit Club in Deal, Kent:

hope-testimonial-794w-socialHope – July 14

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This is me… Starting on the left at 17.8… Dropping to 14.8 and then at Christmas weighing 14.0. Over the last month… I have not faced the scales and not been HONEST with myself and on the products and finally felt I wasn’t feeling the way I was… Faced the scales last week and had gained.. And weighed in at 15.3… I made a choice to start my journey again and get back on the products that make me feel good.. And Today I weighed in at 14.13… And lost an inch and half around my waist and I am finally feeling a bit more like old self and can see progress!!

Nov 14

I Fricking did it… I have officially lost 5 STONE LOST!!! On top of the world… Thank you so much for helping me… Now let’s smash this last stone…

jordan-testimonial-667w-socialJordan – July 14

After long consideration and many people saying it was time, I have decided it is time to show my testimonial to you all.
I found Herbalife back in February, since then I have gone on a huge journey with weight loss; without 24fit Club, I do not know where I would be without their support, they have got me to where I am now with motivation and just generally coaching me through the program, also I cannot thank my mother Sam Hague enough for her support, may it making sure I always had a healthy meal or just that bit of support, when I needed it back in the early days. Herbalife has been the greatest thing to happen to me and has given me more than just a new healthy lifestyle but more confidence in life which is helping me a lot more.

At the start I did not have full confidence in the product, like everyone else who has not been on the program, but how wrong my mindset was, I did not know. I recommend Herbalife to everyone who asks me how I’ve got to where I am now.

Anyway, this is me on the left before the start of my journey back in January, in my natural habitat of a club with a drink in my hand, when I first started I weighed myself at 18st 6lb. I attended Deal Fit Club which is run by Simon who is helping me get to my goals through the fit club, which six months ago I would not have expected myself to ever do. I would like to say I am fitter and healthier than I ever was before. I am now down to 14.8 which is nearly a 4 stone loss and I am still going, it is now time I entered the Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge with Hope Kennedy and Fiona Hood and lose my final 2 stone which I wanna lose to be the weight I want to be. I am now tracking my body fat% and metabolic age and muscle mass… so starting to see that number on the bathroom scale should not be my only focus. Thank you for listening.

sept 2014

It’s that time again, since I last posted I was 14 stone 8 pounds, now after about 4 weeks, I have lost an astonishing 9 pound, which means I am now 13 stone 13 pound. I am glad with these results, I feel like I’m becoming a stronger more healthier human being, and to add I’ve become a lot more happier in myself and my appearance in comparison to when I was at my biggest of 18 stone 6 pounds.

Lorna – Nov 14

lorna-newAfter various weight loss attempts and following various peoples advice I had lost 4 stone but had hit a stand still.I had heard about products/diets like herbal life before but had been sceptical and persisted in the eat less do more regime. Hugh and Amber were doing a stand at a village fete I’d heard so I popped down to get a body analysis and had a good half hour casual chat in which they talked a lot of sense and were also very positive and helpful so I booked a referral.The advice given to me was to use the F1 meal replacement along side the diet and protein products I was already using.I did the 3 day trial then decided to try a 4 week stint. With regular advice and visits from them both I lost a further 16lb. With relative ease.I found I was eating more regularly than before and life style advice along with the body analysis really helped focus me. I now attend FREE fitness classes they run and continue using the F1.I’d recommend anyone just to try giving it a go and see what they and the product could do for you.I should point out that there is a huge range of products but I didn’t try them but more importantly at no point did I get pressured into doing so. x

fiona-testimonial-jpeg-socialFiona – Sept 2014

Hi, I’m Fiona! I exercised, but didn’t seem to lose any weight or get any fitter. Then I had another bad year, did no exercise – and was 15 stone about 6 months ago. . think the biggest change I’ve made (apart from F1 for breakfast) is cutting bread. I still eat crisps/pretzels, but my craving for sweet stuff has almost disappeared. On the left: mid June, before I began the Breakfast Trial – trying to lose weight without help. On the right: end July – having completed the trial & used 1 tub of F1. Around 10 lb lost at that point. I’ll be finishing tub 3/month 3 soon, and will post a new pic & update then, but in the meantime last week’s update to friends will be my next post here.

Really pleased, since beginning my herbalife journey I am half the size I was about 6 months ago! Just got a holiday job & soooo chuffed to have been issued a size 14 uniform – that fits!!! Weight loss is 2+ stone, lots of fat gone and replaced by muscle, thanks to Deal 24 Fit Club!

hugh-testimonial-jpeg-400-socialHugh – Sept 14

By getting less potatoes and rice featuring in my evening meals combining with my full programme of shake, vits, fibre and tea twice a day and one protein bar another 7lbs gone …throw in my thermogenic tea to boost my fat loss. Visceral fat down, body far down and muscle up. I am just getting what HL says on the tin. The importance of taking the full range of measurements each week is so obvious now. Although I lost no weight I lost lost 2.5 inches from my waistline,1 1/2 inches from my upper thigh, 1 inch from hips….Total body shape begins to feel better…. muscle is denser than body fat which also reduced .

Simon – Nov 14

Was always keen to look after my health but I became ill, which resulted in my weight more than doubling between 2003-2009. I felt awful about myself because I went from under 12 stone to over 24 stone without knowing why. After diagnosis I lost around a stone and felt much better for it. I felt blessed to know my worst days were over and was determined to get back to how I was before. So I joined a gym and gradually lost 9 stone in about 2 years. I was proud of my achievement thus far, but I still wanted to lose another 2-3 stone and this was proving difficult, as my weight stayed the same for about 6 months. It was at this point that I discovered herbalife. I was sceptical at first but decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did, as I have lost just over 2 stone since May 2014. Everyone says how great I look and I can honestly say that it’s down to herbalife. I have lost over 11 stone in total and people are shocked when I tell them how much I have lost. Anyone can do what I have done if they want to.

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