New Gluten Free Post Workout Shake – Pro 20 Select

PRO 20 Select is a delicious water mixable, high protein  that is low in sugars and provides your body with key nutrients it needs. Free from dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners or colours, this vegetarian low sugar shake contributes to your daily intake of protein, fibre and key nutrients, without having to compromise on the taste.

And comes with a personalised programme which includes your protein factor and calorie recommendation based on your resting and active metabolic rates. More info on Pro 20 Select

Samantha Clayton Working With Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed British Olympic sprinter Samantha Clayton, who is also Herbalife Director of Worldwide Fitness Education, as his personal trainer and the woman that keeps him in shape.

samantha clayton

Samantha is co host of Herbalife’s 24Fit DVD fitness program. a box set with 13 DVDs; a 24-week workout program covering flexibility, cardio and strength training.

Herbalife is proud to be the Global Nutrition Partner of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Herbalife Nutrition provide nutrition experts to help Ronaldo fuel his game, including Dr John Heiss, the man behind Herbalife24 sports range. Herbalife’s fitness expert, Samantha Clayton, helps him with his fitness off the pitch too.

24 Fit DVDs

Strength training done properly, with clear instruction from the 24 Fit Workout DVDs(12 DVDs plus intro DVD) will NOT give you large muscles, but increase your metabolism which burns more calories and transforms your body into an efficient machine with the tone that we all strive to attain! It’s all about progression, based on the science of periodisation training, taking you through three 8 week phases during the 24 week programmme. With 3 levels of difficulty so any age, any condition, anyone can build a better body! (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Complete the 24 week programme, then re-start going up a level and using a new resistance band.


Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed British Olympic sprinter Samantha Clayton as his personal trainer and the woman that keeps him in shape

Sustainable Weight Loss: High Resting Metabolic Rate & Balanced Nutrition

The key to sustainable weight loss (as opposed to the “yoyo” weight loss and weight gain of trendy weight loss fads) is a high resting metabolic rate as well as balanced nutrition.


Burn More Calories

The increased presence of muscle tissue improves overall metabolic function, especially when at rest. This means that by increasing your lean body mass, through strength training, you can burn more calories per day than with aerobic exercise alone.

“The calories you burn during workouts are inconsequential to your overall body weight or body fat content! Instead, it is how well you use your exercise time to reprogram your daily physiology that matters” Robert Forster

Strength Training Options – 3 Times A Week For 30 mins,

At gym with equipment.
At class with weights.
At fit camp using own body weight.
At home using youtube videos, using own body weight.
At the swimming pool with Aquafit & Resistance Bands
At home using the 24 Fit DVDs, with resistance bands and dumbbells. A 24 week programme, with 3 phases and 3 levels of difficulty.

But exercise without the right balanced nutrition can be counterproductive. Lets say someone is going to Slimming XXXX and on a ” restricted diet” of a low calorie cereal for breakfast and low calorie soup for lunch, the chances are they will lose lean muscle not gain it.

Why Balanced Nutrition?

To lose weight you need to create a deficit in calories from your active metabolic rate. However, WITHOUT LOSING LEAN MUSCLE; otherwise you will be in worse situation than when you started! And if you don’t maintain good levels of macro and micro nutrients, you may find you are never satisfied after eating, or still lack energy, making you reach for products such as sugary drinks, biscuits or other unhealthy snacks.

To help preserve muscle mass, aim for at least 15 grams of protein for breakfast with the protein factor personalised to the individual. Taking a Herbalife Formula 1 Shake for breakfast…is a great place to start. And a Herbalife shake after training accelerates lean muscle growth, which in turn revs your metabolism and burns more fat, and speeds up recovery. Eating soon after your workout not only speeds the recovery process, it also can prevent you from feeling deeply ravenous and overeating later on.

If you don’t get enough protein, your muscles aren’t able to repair themselves after a workout. In such a case, strenuous exercise can actually be counterproductive—you aren’t able to rebuild what you tear down, and you actually become less able to burn calories.

Wellness Coaching
Includes a structured, balanced nutrition programme personalised to the individual including your daily protein factor. Contact us for advice..

CR7 Drive : A Modern Sports Drink

Cristiano Ronaldo & Herbalife24 Present #CR7Drive: a modern sports drink with natural flavors and colors. Fuel your workouts and your game.

For CR7, it’s about hard work and a touch of pure talent that’s seemingly beyond reason. It’s about driving sports science and innovation further, beyond the competition, uncovering new ways to think about performance and response. No do

This year, in partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, Herbalife24 has developed a new sports drink to rapidly fuel your workouts and enhance hydration. With natural flavors and colors, CR7Drive is a modern sports drink, light tasting and formulated to fuel the drive in all of us.

A modern sports drink: