Are you struggling to lose or gain weight? Do you always feel tired and unmotivated? Would you like to bounce out of bed every morning? Do you need help achieving your health and fitness goals? Like one to one advice, a personalised nutrition programme, regular tracking of your metabolic age, challenges to help stay motivated?


Get into the best shape and feel amazing!

Wellness Coaching is an integrated structured approach which covers:

  1. Structured, balanced nutrition programmes from Herbalife personalised to the individual: recommended daily protein intake, calorie intake related to resting and active metabolic rates.
  2. An exercise programme (strength training, cardio, flexibility). We recommend strength training 3 times a week for 30 mins whether at the gym, class with weights, fit camp using own body weight, or using resistance bands at home. Which method will you still be doing in 4 months time?!
  3. Regular Metabolic Analysis/Body Composition Testing – Track your progress to stay motivated; don’t rely on the bathroom scales. Metabolic age replaces weight and BMI as the indicator to how “healthy” you are..
  4. Set yourself a goal, with 4 different challenges with prizes to help you stay motivated. That’s a Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge, Weight Loss Challenge, 24 Fit Challenge and 5 weeks to 5k.
  5. Education, wellness profile, advice and support.
  6. Social, meet new friends in a fun environment.

Get in touch with a Wellness Coach if you would like to find more about wellness profiles, metabolic age testing, 3 day nutriton trials, 24Fit Workout DVDs. Or would like to enter one of our challenges  such as the  Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge,  Contact us using the form below or email us at : support @ or message us via facebook

Do you have an interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle? 24 Fit Wellness Coaches wanted! Contact us via facebook or visit this page.

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