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Two New GUINNESS World Records®

Herbalife  joined with its members around the world this weekend to create a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® for the most participants in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout in 24-hours. And as part of the event, Herbalife and its members also created a new world record for number of people in a High Intensity Interval Training Workout in one location, with nearly 4,000 people filling the LA Live Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles.

11042667_732576320172933_3511681540526954638_nTens of thousands of independent Herbalife members—along with their customers, friends and family—hosted workouts at local Herbalife nutrition clubs, parks and public meeting spaces across more than 80 countries.

The workout began on Saturday, March 7, at 9:00 a.m. local time in Auckland, New Zealand. Throughout the next 24 hours, workout events were being held in towns and cities in every region of the globe, including in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Romania, Spain, Italy, U.K., Russia, Ukraine, Africa, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and the U.S. 

World Record Workout Day – March 7th 2015

Ready to join people around the world as they commit to getting fit? Be a part of the largest workout in Herbalife history: help set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® achievement for the most participants in a HIIT* Workout in 24 hours.


This is your chance to help set the #WorldWorkout record, enjoy a great workout and help a great cause: Herbalife Family Foundation. Herbalife Family Foundation supports at-risk children by providing support, essential equipment and nutrition education.

Save the date: March 7 2015 is Herbalife #WorldWorkout! Learn the routine here:

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Business Opportunity For Fitness Professionals

24Fit Club is quickly becoming the next massive fitness trend in the UK. Fit Club is a chance to take your health to a new level, regardless of whether you are looking for weight loss, weight gain, athletic performance, energy, toning or any combination of those. Fit Club is a unique concept because generally gyms focus purely on fitness; nutrition therapists focus purely on diets, but we all know that the two go hand-in-hand and both things must be addressed simultaneously to get you where you want to be.

We offer programs that are suitable for all people and utilize all aspects of healthy lifestyle changes to deliver results.

“Herbalife changes people’s lives through its nutrition products and business opportunity; helping people lead healthy, active lives. We are creating healthy nutrition that can benefit everyone – we are a force for the good.” Herbalife Chairman & CEO Michael Johnson


Samantha Clayton Personal Trainer

Samantha Clayton is an Olympic athlete, fitness instructor, spokesmodel and mother of four. She is a certified personal trainer and uses her experience to help others reach their fitness goals. Dr Luigi Gratton introduces Samantha Clayton, fitness expert & former competitive sprinter to Herbalife. Look out for Samantha’s fitness advice in future.