Need a “challenge” this summer to help you stay on track during the 90 day period required to change eating and exercise habits? There are options with our “Wellness Coaching”, approach you may have have heard of the Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge. Here’s a another one, “5 Weeks to 5k”.


For many reasons, running a 5K race is a popular goal for people who strive for a more active life. For one, it provides a fun, social environment to make your workout more enjoyable. Secondly, it is achievable by anyone, yet is a great challenge for even the most experienced runners. Most importantly, 5K (3.1 mile) races are the most popular distances for running competitions worldwide because anyone can train for them in a relatively shortperiod of time, regardless of their previous fitness level…

There are many organised park runs you can enter:
UK –
And here’s a detailed 5k training schedule:

And dont forget your post workout shake after exercise!

After a workout your muscles will tear or fray, they are stressed from a hard workout. Recovery nutrition helps them to mend back together, so you become stronger. Recovery nutrition should contain protein to help muscles to build back and carbs to replace the gylcogen lost in the workout. Important to get a recovery shake within 30 mins otherwise the muscles cells close off and are not able to absorb so readily. This will speed up recovery ready for your next exercise class. To lose weight you need to create a deficit in calories from your active metabolic rate BUT WITHOUT LOSING LEAN MUSCLE. which is an issue with so many ” restricted diets” and when someone dosent get enough protein.