Weight Loss Challenge

weight-loss-challenge-485Join the Weight Loss Challenge, a 12-week course to gain the knowledge and confidence, to achieve healthy lasting weight loss, well beyond these 12 weeks. It’s a ‘challenge’ because you could even win a cash prize if you are one of the top achievers in your Weight Loss Challenge.

Why the Weight Loss Challenge works?

The biggest challenge about managing your weight is keeping and staying motivated. The Weight Loss Challenge is a fun and inspiring way to achieving your weight loss goals. Through mutual goals, people inspire and support each other…to achieve their weight loss goals.

What happens during the Challenge?

You’ll learn everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off at weekly meetings, which only take up about an hour of your time. You will you get important information from the week’s weight loss topic, and a personal coach who’s been through the process of weight loss…and succeeded. They’re there to help and motivate you too. Meetings are an opportunity to get expert advice, share helpful information – or just listen and gain support from other people in the Challenge.

Success stories

The power of the Weight Loss Challenge is quite simply the number of people who have taken part and continuing to see successful results.

Much more than pay-weigh-go!

Unlike traditional  weight loss clubs at Arriba! we provide much more than a ‘pay-weigh-and go’ weight loss class.

Personal Support

We understand that everyone has different challenges when trying to lose weight and that’s why on joining the club all members are assigned a local Personal Wellness Coach so you are assured to get the individual support and advice you need whilst benefiting from the community spirit of the club environment. The purchase or consumption of Herbalife products in to help ensure good nutrition while participating is recommended, but not required.

Full Body Analysis

At Arriba! we do not just focus on what the scales say. Each week members receive a full body analysis (don’t worry, it takes a few seconds and you don’t need to get undressed!) which allows us to monitor, amongst other things: Weight, Body Fat % , Hydration Levels, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Age and Visceral (Internal) Fat Levels

Education For Long Term Weight Management

Arriba! do not promote quick fix ‘fad’ dieting. Our mission is to provide easy to understand information that help individuals make better choices without depriving themselves of the things they enjoy. This approach ensures our members improve their daily habits and lose weight safely, naturally and in a fashion that is sustainable and proven to ensure that the weight stays off for good.

WEEK 1 – “Importance of Protein”
WEEK 2 -“How Much Water Do I Need and Body Composition”
WEEK 3 – “Maximizing Your Metabolism”
WEEK 4 – “Importance of Cleansing and Healthy Villi”
WEEK 5 – “Nutrition Labels, Shopping and Good Carbs”
WEEK 6 – “Sugar”
WEEK 7 – “Good -vs- Bad Fats, and Bad Carbs”
WEEK 8 -“Importance of Fibre”
WEEK 9 – “Exercise and Stress”
WEEK 10 – “Dining Out”
WEEK 11 – “Keeping Your Heart Healthy”
WEEK 12 -“Maintaining Your Long Term Health”
WEEK 13 – “Celebration Winner Announcement / Final Weigh & Measure”

Recognition & Prizes

At Arriba! we do not name and shame. Each week we will recognise and reward those who have achieved the best results. If your club is running a ‘Community Weight Loss Challenge’ there is also the chance of winning a cash prize for your efforts.

What is a Weight Loss Challenge?

Weight Loss Challenge is a 45 minute per session, 12-week program where a trained Personal Wellness Coach from Wellness Oasis will guide you as part of a small, friendly group of people (10-30 usually) towards your weight loss goals.

In the process we will improve your overall feeling of vitality and wellbeing in a fun club atmosphere where you will feel at ease. Each week there will be a small prize for the “Biggest Losers” (on a % lost basis) to keep everything motivated and interesting, and at the end there will be a cash prize for the “Biggest Losers”.

When is 12 Weeks Really 13?

When we have a celebration and results presentation at the end of course. Nothing too fancy, we don’t want to undo all the good work do we?

CertBiggest Loser Prizes

The prize fund varies  but, based on 30 participants, the prize fund is typically £300 for 1st place, £200 for 2nd place & £100 for 3rd place. Prizes are paid out on the basis of individuals that have lost the greatest percentage of his his/her body weight by the end of the Challenge. Plus we give a prize to the biggest inches loser not in the top 3. person.

A Great Learning Experience and a Lot of Fun

This is how clients have described their Weight Loss Challenge experiences. they also said that because help is at hand form your own Personal Wellness Coach it was easier to keep informed and on track. You coach will inform and advise you throughout the 12 weeks and of course after this as well.

Each week you will receive printed or online information on the topic of the week. These will build into an invaluable guide to health and nutrition for you to keep and refer back to.

Keeping Track of Progress

Your Personal Wellness Coach will keep you informed about your progress each week and you will also get your own personal log-in details for the exclusive Weigh Loss Challenge website where you can monitor your progress on a graph and also download more information and wellness guides.

Why Would I want to Come to a Challenge?

I am glad you asked because lots of different people come to Weight Loss Challenge and for a lot of different reasons. You may wish to come because:

You want to look great for a special event like a wedding
Your Doctor advised you to lose weight
You like the support of being in a group of people with a common aim
You want to feel better about yourself and improve your self-esteem
You need help with staying motivated when you are losing weight
You love the social side of being part of a club
You want your “bikini body” back for the summer holidays
You want to boost your exercise program by adding weight management to it
Or maybe you just want to be you again
OK, But I Eat Healthily Anyway, Why Would I Come?

Take a look at these 7 commonly held beliefs about Weight Loss:

Gaining or losing weight is about how much fat you eat
Eating 1.5% fat yogurt will make you gain weight faster than eating the fat free version
All sources of calories lead you to gain weight in the same way
Eating things like rice crackers will reduce your weight because they are “light”
I will just eat less often and that will make me lose weight healthily
I will just eat smaller amounts and that will make me lose weight healthily
I will just do a bit more exercise and that will get rid of my spare tyre

Do you hold one or even all of them as being True? If you do then you need to come and discover why the commonly held beliefs above and many more are MYTHS and what you can really do to manage your weight successfully at the Weight Loss Challenge.

We Will Show You How

We like to keep the pace easy, the atmosphere fun and the information easy to understand. During the 12-weeks you will learn:

How to understand food labelling
How to choose the healthy option when you go out for dinner
How to detox your system and keep it clean
Ways to alleviate stress through good nutrition
How to slow down the ageing process
The connection between good nutrition and a healthy heart
What type and how much exercise is right for you personally
How Well Does it Work?

Your individual results will vary of course but to give you an idea:

Julie A. lost 25lbs on a 12-week Weight Loss Challenge and has since gone on to lose 41lbs with the help of her Personal Wellness Coach. She said “I finally have my life back”

*Please remember all Weight Management Programs should include sufficient exercise, fluid intake and a balanced, healthy diet.

How to promote a weight loss challenge in the workplace?

Add an announcement to your workplace newsletter.
Post flyers in the break room, in the gym or in the cafeteria.
Spread the word via word-of-mouth.
Send group emails giving people the opportunity to sign up for the challenge.
Post an announcement on your corporate intranet.
Use social media to advertise the opportunity. You can even create your own Facebook page for the event.

Action Points

The dates of the contest, for up to 12 weeks.
Location of the weigh-in.
When – lunch hour?
Registration fees and prize information. Fees up to £ 39 ( £ 3 per week)
How weight loss will be scored (usually scoring based on the percentage of body weight lost rather than on the number of pounds lost makes the contest more fair)
Attendance requirements for weigh-ins and any weekly meeting that you plan to have. Penalty fee
Decide on exercise options e.g.  24 Fit camp/24Fit Challenge,  Samantha Clayton Youtube videos, home workout program: 24 Fit DVDs. Sign up for a walk-a-thon or sign up for a 5K race.
Make sure that any prizes are fitness-oriented so you preserve the spirit of the contest.
Companies participation towards prizes, if any.