Benefits For Coaches

Challenges with the Fitness Business Model?

  1. FINANCIAL – The Average Fitness Professional wage is £15,000 per year and lots of outside factor’s often cap this.
  2. NO LADDER – Very often Fitness Professional’s wages will not rise from decade to decade. They sell time but time runs out.
  3. NO WORK LIFE BALANCE – the nature of the work is very erratic working hours – 6am starts / 9pm finishes.
  4. THE INDUSTRY DOSNT APPRECIATE THEM – The fitness industry is always holding back the potential of the trainer/Instructor.
  5. JOB INSECRUITY – Time of year (XMAS), Holidays, Sickness (NO WORK)
  6. GLAMOUR TITLE – but still living month to month financially.
  7. BAD CLIENT RESULTS – Clients continue to fail as they set EXPENSIVE, NON-PRACTICAL, UN-BALANCED, UN-REALISTIC dietary plans.
  8. LIMITED TIME – Look after 30 clients and then what? Limited opportunity to teach other skills learnt and benefit from it financially(royalty)
  9. RUN DOWN – PTs who don’t look forward to the last two sessions of the day! Some overweight some, not getting adequate nutrition based on the active lifestyle they lead.
  10. NO CLEAR VISION OF THE THEIR FUTURE. – Opportunities become fewer with age and frustration with the industry builds over time
  11. 60% LEAVE THE INDUSRTY WITHIN 4 YEARS – so many wasted skill

Benefits of 24 Fit Business Model – Why 60% growth?

  1. Offer a wellness solution as defined by The 24 Fit Club Concept, not just one part of it, such as an exercise programme. And personalised solutions with education and aftercare.
  2. Clients motivated, they see results with body composition testing and Challenges: Level 10 , 24 Fit, Weight Loss Challenge, 5 weeks to 5 k. And have fun. Significant prizes financed by the company.
  3. Helps you get full control over clients dietary habits so increases client results ( better retention).  The nutrition programmes work: The Science of Meal Replacement, Cellular Nutrition, Herbal Science and The Power of Protein. Herbalife have 30% of the world market for meal replacements. Programmes: ” Get Lean and Fit”, Get Ripped with 24Fit”, “Performance Nutrition”.
  4. Simple solutions: skipping breakfast have a shake, min 15 g of protein per meal, strength training 3 times a week etc etc . Transition clients to where they need to be. Most versatile and health conscious range out there – focus = 1st health, 2nd Performance.
  5. Body Composition Testing – Why isn’t everyone doing this? All gyms and slimming clubs?? Gone are the days of letting that number on the bathroom scale have the last word on you’re health and fitness. And BMI is less than useful.
  6. Trend towards Results Based Fitness,  measure everything…
  7. Huge demand for products and services i.e. numbers overweight, diabetes epidemic and numbers playing sports.
  8. Wellness Trends – Plant based protein is hot! – Consumers focus on body shape not just counting calories, body fat not weight. They are aware that protein can assist in weight management and provide a feeling of fullness. And the benefits of plant protein are gaining momentum. Milk protein and pea protein shakes also available.
  9. Marketing Support of large and successful company operating in 80 countries. Typically not the strength of the average instructor!
  10. Marketing programmes: Level 10, Weight Loss Challenge, 24 Fit Camp/24Fit Challenge
  11. Huge success with our 3 day trial a great tool for referral marketing.
  12. Lead generation from sites like this one, which ultimately benefits the existing business.
  13. Facebook as a business tool, using secret facebook groups for clients and coaches, for example
  14. 24Fit coaches get in the best shape of their lives and then inspire others.
  15. Herbalife 24 Performance Nutrition is attracting a younger more athletic distributor group.
  16. Sponsorships – Ronaldo and so many more.
  17. Adds a second revenue stream – choose better working hours, better life situations through that financial security( produce better session)
  18. Duplicate this model so you can teach others your skills and increase your income that way so get true financial independence from working in the industry. Build a business which is not about you, so you can brake free of time to enjoy life.
  19. Long term income, body wears out in later 30s, 40s!  Stay in industry.
  20. Incomes transformed, incomes grow every year rather than staying at same level
  21. Friendships with others with a  similiar outlook on life, part of a big family.  Have fun on company vacations!
  22. Satisfaction from getting long term results for clients.
  23. Gives you a whole new outlook on an industry you love,  now join the health/wellness industry.
  24. Help you follow you’re fitness dreams and not shatter them ( 60% leave)

How To Break Free Of Limited Time?