Coaches to look after 200 clients at 24 Fit camp

Coaches to look after 200 clients at 24 Fit camp

We work with customers  one to one and in also in classes e.g  Weight Loss Challenges and Fit Clubs.  Get in the best shape of your life and then inspire others. Have a passion for helping others and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Manage 30 clients, we have over a million, and earn £1200 per month…working part a start. Plus royalties.

Working with clients individually –  wellness profile( questions),  body composition testing (metabolic age, body fat, muscle mass etc) ,  personalised programme and ongoing aftercare. Use our 3 day trial which is a fantastic tool for getting referrals.

Fit Clubs – body composition test before exercise,  exercise,  shake after class within 30 mins, members chatting, the social side, 5 min education slot,  members enter the Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge( GBP 10), Weight loss Challenge ( GBP 39 for 12 weeks)  or 5 weeks to 5 k ( no cost) and book wellness profiles. Clients get results and bring back their friends.

Weight Loss Challenge – elements above plus 12 week programme of education and prizes (First price £300, Second Prize £ 200, Third Prize £100.) Our goal is to encourage and inspire individuals to choose health and decide to live healthier, more fulfilling and active lifestyles by offering the latest information and education on the subjects of health & nutrition.

Wellness in Work – NHS chief executive suggesting UK should follow US’s work-based weight loss schemes. Mr Stevens said workplace schemes to encourage weight loss have been largely ignored – despite success abroad. He personally managed to lose nearly 3st thanks to a weight-loss incentive scheme at his previous job, the U.S. insurance firm United Healthcare. We have a structured” Biggest Loser” Weight Loss Challenge.

24 Fit camp

100+ new clients in 4-8 weeks

  •  4 weeks with focus on nutriion and exercise.
  •  Free work out 2-3 times a week.
  •  Suits everybody.
  •  This is not like any other simlple work out. This is about results.
  •  Participants shall have a All In mentality.
  •  80% nutrition, 20% exercise, 100% attitude.
  •  A simple physical test in the beginning and at the end.
  •  Everybody does a Lifestyle Evaluation and a Body Composition Scanning.
  •  Participants WANTS to use our products to get the best result.
  •  The only one to compete against is one self.
  •  No prizes. Only celebration and certificates to everybody.
  •  See the recorded webinar below and make 2014 to a magical year.

Watch webinar on 24 Fit Camps

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