24Fit Camp

4 Week  24 Fit Camp and Challenge

Come join us for a 4 week fit challenge! Get into the best shape and feel amazing! Need motivation? Need a workout routine? Need healthy eating advice? Includes fitness classes throughout the weeks, physical fitness testing, body composition measurement, motivation, support and nutritional advice! It’s FUN, it’s FIT CAMP !

24-fit-camp-485We use our bodies as resistance and the exercise suits everyone. Everybody will be able to perform at their own maximum and during the 4 weeks reach a new physical and health level.

Our 4 week FIT CAMP includes:

  • 8 to 12 physical training sessions. Number of sessions can vary between different groups.
  • Basic education in nutrition to help you get the best result.
  • Personal coaching for everyone. We want you to get the best possible results.
  • A free lifestyle evaluation and body scan that establish you starting point.
  • A fun and simple physical test the first and last day to measure the progress.
  • We celebrate everybodys success and recognize those who have done extra great.
  • But first of all we have a lot of fun on our way to a health active lifestyle
  • Note, 24 Fit Camps are not available through all seasons.

Come join use for orientation and find out all abut it! .

What other options are available?

An effective exercise programme to lose weight will include regular strength training and cardio workouts, done either separately or together, depending on your schedule and goals.

When you consider that bone density and muscle mass peak for us at age 25, you are never too young or too old to focus on putting more bone and muscle in the “bank” with a smart resistance training program because we are all losing lean body tissue as we age.

Everyone, no matter how young or old, should be doing some kind of regular strength training. Options:

At gym with equipment.
At class with weights.
At fit camp using own body weight.
At home using youtube videos, using own body weight. Ask us for details.
At the swimming pool with Aquafit.
At home using 24 Fit DVDs, with resistance bands and dumbbells. A 24 week programme, with 3 phases and 3 levels of difficulty.

Step up your strength training, that is 3 times a weeks for 30 minutes.

Contact us to be put in touch with a 24 Fit Wellness Coach.